Class of 2020

The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children wants to take some time to recognize our graduates from the Class of 2020.


The Board of Trustees and staff at The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City want to congratulate you on this milestone!

This has been an EXTREMELY challenging year for us all.  The Class of 2020 did not have the opportunity to do all the things that normal seniors would do.

  • Proms were postponed or skipped altogether.

  • Seniors have not been able to participate in commencement exercises.

  • Parents and guardians have not had the experience to see theirs seniors participate in graduation exercises and experiences the emotions that come with seeing them walk down the aisle and getting diplomas.

Let us show everyone what this Class is made of. Take a minute, fill out this survey below, and upload a picture of you in your college shirt or your cap/gown or Senior Yearbook picture or dressed to the nines.  You can upload two pictures.  You can snap a pic with your cell and upload or email it to  If you can would you, please record a quick video saying the following (please feel free to put this in your own words) and send them to the email above.

 “Hi, my name is ____ from the graduation class of 2020 at ____ high school.  I plan on attending (name of school or military service) and want to thank all the donors who were able to assist me, and the many other SFIC graduates, complete our education.  Thank You.”

Include your contact information because we are planning various alumni events for the near future and want to invite you to participate.  Once again, congratulations!

Jasmin Roman

Scholarship Program Manager
The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children